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  • Installation

    Get started with your installation.

  • Getting Started

    Walking you through your first few moments of using the software.

  • Malware Scans

    Learn how the scanner works and how you can configure it to meet your unique needs.

  • Logs

    Find out how you can use Logs to keep track of all the important software-related events.

  • Protection and Alert Settings

    Get the most out of the major protection modules that make up our software.

  • Settings

    Want to go beyond the default configuration? Check out our detailed rundown of all the major settings.

  • Handling alerts

    What to do when the software alerts you of a threat to your PC.

  • Remote Management

    Learn more about remote management options.

  • MyEmsisoft

    Use the online portal to keep track of your licenses and manage your account settings.

  • Emsisoft Enterprise Console

    An efficient way for administrators to manage security for larger companies.

  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit

    Get the most out of Emsisoft's portable second opinion scanner.

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