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An Emsisoft product detected a file as malware which is not really malware. Why?

If you are 100% sure that the file which was detected by one of the Emsisoft programsis not really malicious, it may be a false positive. In this case please send the file causing the detection to fp@emsisoft.com so we can immediately correct the false detection.

If you already moved the file to quarantine, you can also use the "Submit" button to send us a false positive report.

If the Emsisoft program alerts about malicious behavior for a well known program, you can permanently allow the program by clicking the "Always allow program" button. Sometimes, good natured programs show similar behavior to malware. The behavior blocker will show an alert in those cases.

This is not an error of the software, it shows that the protection mechanisms work correctly by detecting malware-like behavior.

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