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Changing installation parameters

Advanced users or system administrators may wish to change the default installation settings used during setup. The following table lists the parameters, supported by the MSI installer and/or EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebSetup.exe.

Note: Parameters with a leading "/" control the installation process. Parameters without a leading "/" control the properties of the software product installation. Parameters are not case sensitive. 

Parameter Description
General settings
InstallFolder Defines the program installation folder
E.g. InstallFolder=c:\eam
EnableBetaUpdates Switches Emsisoft Anti-Malware to the beta update feed after installation
E.g. EnableBetaUpdates=1
NoWarn Suppresses installation warnings
E.g. NoWarn=1
LicKey=<key> Suppresses all license related dialogs and applies the supplied key
E.g. LicKey=AAA-BBB-CCC-123
Enterprise Console connection settings
CommService Installs the Emsisoft Communication service
E.g. CommService=1
CommHost Required Host name/IP for the communication service
E.g. CommHost=
CommPort Required Port for the communication service
E.g. CommPort=3128
AuthInfo Required filename (with optional path) with authentification parameters for the communication service
E.g. AuthInfo=auth.ini
Customer Care settings
disable-expiration-notifications Suppresses license expiration notifications
E.g. disable-expiration-notifications=1
hide-referral-program Hides texts related to the referral program
E.g. hide-referral-program=1
hide-license-key Hides the license key from the license screen
E.g. hide-license-key=1
disable-purchase-buttons Hides purchase license buttons
E.g. disable-purchase-buttons=1
purchase-alt-message Defines an alternative licence purchase text
E.g. purchase-alt-message=text
purchase-alt-url Defines an alternative licence purchase link
E.g. purchase-alt-url=http://www.anywebsite.com
hide-news Hides the news section
E.g. hide-news=1
news-alt-message Defines an alternative news section text
E.g. news-alt-message=text
news-alt-url Defines an alternative news link
E.g. news-alt-url=http://www.newswebsite.com
Installer settings
Enables MSI installer quiet mode. No error messages or installation progress will be shown. To be able to view errors, you could enable the file logging parameter (/L) Note: This parameter does not suppress errors and warnings for EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebSetup.exe.
E.g. /quiet
/NoDesktop When installing via the system account and using the MSI installer, use "/NoDesktop=1 /Quiet". For the standard exe installer, use "/NoDesktop /VerySilent" instead.
/Passive Suppresses errors and warnings for the MSI installer. Ignored by bootstrapper
E.g. /passive
/L Enables recording of the installation process. The followowing options are supported and may be supplied directly after the parameter, without delimiters.
E.g. /liwe c:\logs\file.log
i - include status messages
w - include non-fatal warnings
e - include all error messages
a - mention when an action is started
r - include action-specific records
u - include user requests
c - include the initial UI parameters
m - include out-of-memory or fatal exit information
o - include out-of-disk-space messages
p - include terminal properties
v - verbose output
x - include extra debugging information
+ - append to an existing log file
! - flush each line to the log
* - log all information, except for v and x options
Additional parameters in web installer
/ProxyServer The Web installer will use the specified proxyserver host for downloading the MSI installer.
E.g. /ProxyServer=
/ProxyPort Sets the proxyserver port
E.g. /ProxyPort=3128
/ProxyUsername Sets the proxyserver username
E.g. /ProxyUsername=JohnDoe
/ProxyPassword Sets the proxyserver password
E.g. /ProxyPassword=MyPassword
/Dir Defines the program installation folder. Supported for compatibility with the older EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe
E.g. /Dir=c:\eam
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