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Surf Protection

Surf Protection provides an extra layer of security to protect you from suspicious websites when you are surfing the Internet. 

The Surf Protection module lists all rules created for blocked and allowed hosts. You can display or hide the built in rules by selecting or deselecting the option to Hide built in list. The search box allows searching for specific hosts by entering strings. 

You can configure the default mode [Don't block], [Alert], [Block and notify] or [Block silently] to take for each of the following categories of hosts: 

  • Malware hosts - Hosts engaged in Malware distribution (e.g. Adware, Spyware, Trojans, and Viruses, etc). 
  • Phishing hosts - Hosts that are involved in phishing. Phishing is a method that uses fake websites to capture passwords and other private data. 
  • PUP hosts - Hosts that are engaged in the distribution of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). purposes. 
  • Privacy risks - Hosts that are used for advertising or tracking purposes. 

Below the hosts list are the buttons Add new rule, Edit rule and Remove rule (only available for rules you have created yourself) to assist with management of single rules. 

The Import hosts file button allows you to add multiple rules at once by importing a custom hosts file. You can then select the desired mode for your list from the following options: [Don't block], [Alert], [Block and notify] or [Block silently]

For more information regarding Surf Protection, please see our comprehensive guide.

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