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Each request will be answered as soon as possible, usually within less than 24 hours. The Emsisoft team prides itself on its response speed, and having an expert answer the first time.

When contacting us, please try to pick the one method most applicable to your situation. Emailing or otherwise contacting us using more than one address can actually slow down replies.

  • General questions, technical support, malware removal, ransomware, and anything that doesn't fit in one of the other sections: support@emsisoft.com

    Or, you can also post general, technical support, and malware removal questions in the Support Forum. Qualified technicians are available and will help you solve your problem quickly.

    Additionally, you can use the orange chat bubble in the corner of this webpage.

  • Questions about licensing, pricing, purchasing and payments: sales@emsisoft.com

  • Press inquiries and media resources: press@emsisoft.com

  • Submit something you do not believe we currently detect: submit@emsisoft.com

  • Submit 'false positives'; things that you do not believe we should detect, but we do: fp@emsisoft.com

  • For the hackers out there who notice something exploitable involving our software that we have not noticed, please report vulnerabilities in our software: security@emsisoft.com

  • You may also directly email our CEO: emsi@emsisoft.com
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  1. David Biggar

    Staff –

    I'm sorry for the slow reply Gordon; I completely missed that you'd commented. Something I'll have to look into! As for your question, simply hover the mouse over the top of the notification, and it will pause the timer and leave it there for you to see. You may also change the default notification timeouts in Settings -> Notifications if you'd like. The thing to click to make the notification go away without clicking anything else is the 'X' in the upper-right corner of the notification. It is a little dimly colored, but it is there. If you have any trouble, feel free to email us at support@emsisoft.com.

  2. Gordon Lewin

    Guys, I love your software and it has successfully protected me for several years---however, when I get a notification slipping in on the right side of the screen, I often don't have enough time to read or react to it.  If there is a way to slow it down from disappearing, I would like to know how.  Or maybe you could add a dismissal button to the flyout???  Thanks for your interest.